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This film is about the art and theatre of delivering scientific demonstrations, why we do them and how to ensure they deliver the desired learning outcomes. It is important for teachers to consider what it is they want students to observe before carrying out a demonstration. Alom Shaha describes a technique called ‘Predict Observe Explain’. He talks to magicians to see what their profession has to offer science teachers in ensuring that students focus their attention and are engaged in the demo. A visit to the Centre for Life in Newcastle shows how science communicators learn to give exceptional demonstrations. This resource was funded by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.


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This video is inspirational. all science teachers should see it, be made to watch it, and to experience the joy of teaching again. I will be inviting my science team to do just that. Thanks

j dallyn

Very engaging and encouraging - thank you Alom!

Amanda Clegg

This video really made me think again about demos and how to set them up.


A 28 minute video to inspire teachers to use demonstrations and to get students to think about what they observe.

sally hartshorne

I do like the ‘Predict Observe Explain’ it makes perfect sense. To get the curiosity in the children to gain the full attention which will enable them to interact and learn and for learning to become fun. Very thoughtful


I enjoyed watching this video. There were comments made by the magicians that affirmed what I said earlier, that presenting style is in some part related to personality types. I agree that video is not substitute for a demo. Students are so tech savvy now that is something looks amazing they automatically think video editing and photoshop.

I also like the catch, hold and reveal made with the Jenga (or using familiar objects).


That was a good video about how to engage your students in the demo.


The video is very informative and refreshing . Gave you many ideas to work out on predict, observe and explain theory. very effective approach. thanks alom


hi, thanks for showing an effective video. I love the predict, observe and explain theory. In order to make the demos effective use the every day examples to explain them, organise the demos into steps that will make the thrill in science lessons . I do like the strategy of Catch, hold and reveal this is quite helpful in classroom practices. thanks for ideas and tips .

Kathryn Davidson

Very interesting video with some good points. Like the links to real life especially as students can relate. Really like the Jenga example