Design a sports glove

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In this resource, students design a new glove for use in a sport of their choice. Students may find it helpful to talk with local people who partake in their chosen sport. The P.E. Department may be able to suggest suitable contacts.

A selection of tests, activities and factsheets are available for the students to use. They must decide what are the most important properties to include in the design of their glove. Students can then choose what activities and research to do accordingly. They may also think of their own experiments or research to carry out, as well as exploring the aesthetic aspects of design.

Curriculum links include: properties of materials, abrasion resistance, colour fast, dyeing, fabric friction and grip, gloves for protection, lightweight fabric, shrinking, tensometer, water repellant fabrics, waterproof fabrics, wetting, washing and drying, designing and making, creativity, critical evaluation, design, make and evaluate task, sport science, iterative processes, prototypes.

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