Young Foresight: Programmes One to Six

The Young Foresight Programme included a series of six videos in its resource pack.

Programmes one to three in the series introduced students to important ideas underpinning their understanding of design and technology: the relationship between products and the technologies they use, creativity techniques and the importance of sustainable design.

Programmes four to six deal with technologies associated with particular focus areas in the design and technology curriculum. Programme four is not currently available in the eLibrary.

[b]Programme 1: Will it sell?[/b]
This video describes the development of the bicycle and the camera, noting the way they depend on services for their success and charting their fluctuating economic success.

[b]Programme 2: Who needs what, where and when?[/b]
This video describes the techniques used by creativity consultants What If? to develop new product ideas, the way shoe designers at Trippen develop new ideas and the way in which teams of scientists at Roche work together to develop new drugs.

[b]Programme 3: Right ideas for a better world[/b]
This video introduces students to three related aspects of sustainability - reducing, reusing and recycling - and the concept of the eco footprint.It describes developments in solar energy technology, water conservation, the sustainable kitchen and sustainable housing.

[b]Programme 4: Electronic and communication technology - the future of[/b]
This video describes developments in satellite technology, mobile networks, blue tooth technology and human/computer interaction. It challenges students to develop new applications.

[b]Programme 5: Food technology - the future of[/b]
This video describes developments in packaging and retail design, genetic modification, organic farming, food manufacturing, food labelling and dilemmas posed by advances in food technology. It challenges students to consider the issues involved in applying food technologies.

[b]Programme 6: Materials technology - the future of[/b]
This video describes developments in car safety and nanotechnology, and the applications of shape memory metal and smart fabrics. It challenges students to develop new applications.

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