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Nuffield Biology Activities for GCSE

This pack of Nuffield Biology activity sheets was designed to match the National Curriculum Science: Biology at Key stage Four from 1996. The ideas were drawn from materials produced by various Nuffield projects over the previous ten years. The pack includes student sheets for 96 different activities. Teacher guidance is provided for each activity.

Some of the activities provide opportunities for students to develop their investigative skills and at the same time gain experience in the ways in which scientists carry out systematic enquiries. There are also activities which involve structured discussion in small groups and encourage reporting back orally both to a small group and to the whole class. Other activities encourage students to put words and pictures together to produce their own science descriptions and explanations.

In addition there are also activities in which students have to interpret or record information in various forms, including tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, and models. Gathering, displaying and interpreting data are an important feature of these activities. Students can work with data from secondary sources in various forms.

Section B1: Life processes: an overview
Section B2: Levels of organization
Section B3: Nutrition in plants and animals
Section B4: Transport in plants and animals
Section B5: Respiration
Section B6: Energy and nutrient transfer
Section B7: Health
Section B8: The nervous system and hormones
Section B9: Homeostasis
Section B10: Cell division
Section B11: Variation
Section B12: Inheritance
Section B13: Evolution

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