Raising Standards in STEM and Other Subjects: Using Space-related Contexts and Applications

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The Leading Space Education programme has been funded by the STFC since September 2008. A network of schools was established and supported by SSAT, to develop and embed high-quality, space-themed educational practice. All schools started from different prior experiences of engagement with space education and are from a wide range of school contexts.

Schools were given an open remit to develop practice in space education and so there are a wide variety of outcomes. Schools were asked to collaborate with other secondary schools and colleges plus feeder primary schools to champion and promote space education.

They were encouraged to develop practice beyond astronomy, maximise impact and use partnerships with space industries and higher education institutions. Schools have therefore developed different areas of space education and demonstrated a variety of strengths.

Throughout the programme the aspiration among the network of schools and the expert steering group has been to leave a lasting legacy – this includes sharing inspirational practice through a film and a case study publication – Raising standards in STEM and other subjects:using space-related contexts and applications.

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