Beta Mathematics 6

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This resource, published by Schofield & Sims, is the sixth in the Beta Mathematics series of text books which were developed for use by students of junior and middle school age. It continues the theme of previous books and allows students to review and extend their knowledge of specific topics.

Contents include:

Number and Money - Decimal number system • Number and money practice • Decimal fractions, division and approximation • Long multiplication and division • Counting systems, base 10, base 5, base 2 • Decimal fractions, multiplication, approximation significant figures, division
Letters for Number- Expressions, equations and graphs • Simplifying expressions, solving equations
Fractions - Equivalent fractions • Decimal fractions, percentage and ratio • Percentage increase and decrease, profit and loss
Metric Measures - Length, capacity, volume, weight, time, speed, distance • Costings • Averages
Time -24-hour clock
Graphs - Co-ordinates - translation, relationships, positive and negative numbers • Relationships - addition and subtraction of positive and negative numbers • Straight line, curved, powers of 2, indices
Lines and Angles - Acute, obtuse and reflex angles, parallels, corresponding and alternate angles, supplementary angles • Bearings
Shapes, Constructions - Bisection of an angle • Construction of an angle of 60° and a right angle • Perpendiculars, inscribed circle of a triangle • Bisection of a line • Finding the centre of a circle • Triangles
Right-angled triangles - Pythagoras' theorem, squares and square roots • Similar triangles, tangent ratio
Symmetry - Reflection and rotation • Congruence: Triangles, parallelograms and rhombuses
Surfaces, solids: Rectangles, triangles, parallelograms, circles, trapezium, cylinders - Area
Circles - Sectors and segments • Angles at the circumference
Cuboids, prisms, cylinders - Volume
Solids and nets - Pyramids, prisms, octahedron • Sections and cross-sections
Plans and Maps - Drawing to scale, angles of elevation and depression, bearings, triangulation
Sets - Subsets, symbols • Venn diagrams • Three intersecting sets
Making Sure - Revision
Imperial Measures- Length, weight, capacity • Costings • Rulers, maps and scale drawing • Area and volume • Distance, time and speed • Useful Imperial to metric conversions

Beta Mathematics 6 (answers) - linked by page to the students book.

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