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Beta Mathematics 3

This resource, published by Schofield & Sims, is the third in the Beta Mathematics series of text books which were developed for use by students of junior and middle school age. It continues the theme of previous books and allows students to review and extend their knowledge of specific topics.

Contents include:

Number and Money - Hundreds, tens, units; notation • Addition and subtraction facts • Counting coins • Multiplication and division • tables 2 to 10 • products, factors, multiples • square numbers • £s and pence • Thousands, hundreds, tens, units; notation • Addition and subtraction; graded practice • Multiplication and division; graded practice • Number, money, measures
Sets - Members, naming and writing sets • empty sets • using symbols
Graphs-Making and recording counts • Axes, scales • block graphs • averages • Fixing position
Fractions - Denominators, numerators • evaluation • fractional parts • making fractions • Equivalent fractions • lowest terms • mixed numbers • improper fractions • Addition and subtraction of like fractions, unlike fractions • Decimal fractions; notation • Tenths • Hundredths
Measures - Estimating and measuring • unit relationships • conversions • Length mm, cm, m, km • Mass kg, 1/2 kg, g • Capacity l, ml
Time - 12-hour clock; the calendar • 24-hour clock; timetables • Time, distance, speed
Temperature - Celsius thermometer • + and - air temperatures
Lines and Angles - Perpendiculars, parallels • Angles; 90°, 60°, 30°, 45° • set squares • Direction; 8-point compass
Shapes - Shapes which balance; lines of symmetry • Quadrilaterals; square, rectangle, rhombus and parallelogram • Triangles; sides and angles • angles in shapes • Circles; radius, diameter, measuring circumference • Circles; arcs • fixing a point • Construction of triangles • lengths of sides • Surfaces, perimeters • area by counting squares, cm2 • irregular shapes • Area; squares, rectangles, cm2 , m2 • Solids; nets, volume, cm3

Plans - Drawing to scale
Revision—Test yourself - Decimal notation; fractions • Money and measures • Shapes and space • Four rules

Beta Mathematics 3 (answers) - linked by page to the student book.

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