Focus Teacher’s Support Pack Year 7/8 Algebra Lead-in

The material in this Century Maths Algebra Focus book is aimed at lower achieving students. There are a number of investigations with the emphasis on students making sense of what they are doing in preparation for more formal algebra.

Contents of the student book:

*Number sense - Puzzles using number grids and performing calculations without using a calculator.

*Coordinates - Marking points on a grid using positive axes.

*Odds and evens - investigations and activities exploring what happens when odd and even numbers are added and subtracted.

*Puzzles and codes - a selection of logic puzzles and codes such as the ‘fenced code’.

*Fractions - exploring equivalent fractions and playing fraction snap.

*Multiplying and dividing - activities exploring multiplying and dividing and using multiples.

*Patterns and rules - investigating simple mappings, and substituting numbers into formulae expressed in words, using pictures to generate sequences and mappings, finding position to term rules, explaining rules.

*How many ways? - exploring a variety of situations in which a logical method is developed in order to count how many combinations can be found.

*Mystery numbers - investigating think of a number problems, explaining what happens and why. Performing calculations which have missing numbers, using terminology; ‘consecutive’, ‘sum’, ‘difference’.

*More patterns and rules - drawing pictures to explore number patterns.

*Differences of opinion - exploring order of operation.

*How many more ways? - more situations in which logical methods are required to find how many combinations there are.

*Equations - using the balancing technique to solve equations. Develop an algebraic equation from diagrams and words. Using equation pyramids.

*Dice grids - use dice to generate coordinates and form formulae.

*Spot the connection - working out the next numbers in a sequence.

Focus Teacher’s Support Pack Year 7/8 Algebra Lead-in
The first half of the Teacher's Support Pack covers teaching issues such as approaches to problem solving, record keeping, equipment and a reminder of the icons and flags used in the student texts. This part of the teacher support pack is essentially common to all the Focus teacher support packs.

The second part provides a summary of the units followed by a two page spread on each unit which gives teaching suggestions on each student activity. The guidance on the activities needs to be read alongside the student material.

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