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Active Teaching and Learning Approaches in Science

Active Teaching and Learning Approaches in Science (ATLAS) was a curriculum development project organised by the Centre for Science Education in the Higher Education Institution that is now called Sheffield Hallam University.

This book includes chapters for teachers followed by a set of illustrative copymasters for use with students. Each of the teacher’s chapters begins with a chart outlining its content followed by the reasons why the learning strategy is useful. The chapters end with examples to show how the strategies can be used.

The student copymasters describe activities related to the strategies covered in the teachers' chapters. All the activities were trialled in schools. They include: simple puzzles and games; problems and investigations; activities for visits and receiving visitors; activities using audio and video techniques; active reading and creative writing; as well as data handling.

1. Introduction
2. Study skills
3. Group discussion (talking and listening)
4. Active reading
5. Active writing
6. Presentation
7. Role play and drama
8. Information technology
9. Visits, visitors and field trips
10. Data handling
11. Problem-solving
12. Video and audio tape recordings
13. Games and simulations
14. Assessment
15. Controversial issues
16. INSET activities

Teacher's notes
Thirty three activities for students

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