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Knowledge and Understanding of Science: Electricity and Magnetism

The Knowledge and understanding guide: electricity and magnetism provides background scientific knowledge and understanding for teachers. It is not intended or suitable for direct use with students. It comprises eleven sections which could each be the focus of an individual study session.

Each section develops teachers' background understanding of different aspects of electricity and magnetism. Within the book the sections are grouped into two main parts: sections 1-9 cover levels one to five of the National Curriculum, sections 10 and 11 cover levels six and seven of the National Curriculum.

Each section includes tasks, which require teachers to think about a situation or carry out a practical activity. Summaries, resource lists, practical notes and advice on safety and care of equipment also appear where applicable throughout each section.

The reader is involved in self-assessment with explanations throughout the text. At key points in the book there are self-assessment sections. The assessment activities are graded in their complexity. Each activity refers the reader back into the appropriate sections of the text if difficulties are encountered.

Section 1: What does electricity do?
Section 2: What is electricity?
Self-assessment: Part 1
Section 3: Symbols and diagrams
Section 4: Designing circuits 27
Self-assessment: Part 2
Section 5: Using mains electricity
Section 6: Protecting ourselves
Self-assessment: Part 3
Section 7: Logic gates and sensors
Section 8: Exploring magnetism
Section 9: What is a magnet?
Self-assessment: Part 4
Section 10: Electricity and magnetism working together
Section 11: Static electricity
Self-assessment: Part 5

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