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Issue 21: And Finally...Using Photographs

This resource from the further education edition of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) online magazine, explores how photographs could be used in lessons as starting points for mathematical discussion or exploration.

The article uses photographs taken around the National STEM Learning Centre and Network in York with questions posed by a group of teachers attending a further education summer school session.

Possibilities for using photographs include making a ‘maths trail’, which although takes some time to plan, can be used with different groups over time. One example activity requires students to walk around a proposed route taking photographs at four or five points where they can see opportunities to ask mathematical questions about the surroundings. The photographs can be used to help learners identify where they should stop to discuss and answer the questions that they have composed. They are also useful for later plenary sessions.

The article provides links to other articles from NCETM on using photographs.

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