Key Stage Three Science Tests 2004

This resource from the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) contains the documents for the Statutory Assessment Tests for Key Stage Three (ages 11-14) science for the year 2004, and their associated mark schemes.

Students in England took national tests at the end of Key Stage Three up to 2009. The tests were intended to show if a child is working at, above or below the target level for their age. The tests were externally set and marked by the QCA and subsequently the National Assessment Agency (NAA).

They were intended to help the school to make plans for the child’s future learning, and the tests were intended to complement Teacher Assessment. It also allowed a variety of external bodies to see whether schools were teaching effectively by comparing their students' performance to national results. In some years QCA produced reports on standards for particular years and/or reports on implications for teaching and learning.

The content being tested covered the science National Curriculum Attainment Targets of the time. Students were entered for two tests (Papers 1 and 2), and each test was available at two levels for students working in the ranges of National Curriculum levels 3 to 6 or levels 5 to 7.

After 2009, the use of tests was ended but schools were still expected to use Teacher Assessment for the end of the key stage.

• 2004 Key Stage Three Science – Tier 3-6 Paper 1
• 2004 Key Stage Three Science – Tier 5-7 Paper 1
• 2004 Key Stage Three Science – Tier 3-6 Paper 2
• 2004 Key Stage Three Science – Tier 5-7 Paper 2
• 2004 Key Stage Three Science – Mark schemes

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