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Planning, Teaching and Assessing the Curriculum for Pupils with Learning Difficulties - Science

Produced by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority in 2009, this guidance supports the planning, development and implementation of the curriculum for pupils with learning difficulties. It draws on effective practice across a range of schools and can be used in mainstream and special primary and secondary schools, specialised units and independent schools. It also provides support to the range of services that work with these schools.

The guidance contains:
*support on developing and planning the curriculum
*support on developing skills across the curriculum
*subject materials on planning, teaching and assessing science. These include descriptions of pupils’ attainment showing progress up to level 1 of the national curriculum, which can be used to recognise attainment and structure teaching.

Appropriate learning for pupils with diverse needs at each key stage has been identified, and those aspects of the programmes of study that may create particular difficulties are also discussed, as well as aspects that may be unsuitable at a particular key stage. The suggested activities can be used to develop ideas for relevant, accessible and challenging experiences in curriculum plans.

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