Solving Real Problems with CSE Mathematics

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Solving Real Problems with CSE Mathematics, produced by the Spode Group, is a volume of case studies used to give students experience and confidence in using mathematics in a practical context.

A variety of mathematical topics are used in the case studies to show the the diversity of problem situations for which a mathematical analysis can help in finding solutions. The case studies use basic arithmetic and a variety of other mathematical skills such as

*scale diagrams to arrange furniture in a bedroom and to compare areas on maps

*calculating weight, length and volume to post a parcel

*drawing conversion graphs to convert shoe sizes

*formulae to shoe a horse

*similar shapes to investigate paper sizes

*converting literes to gallons to work out the price of petrol

*graphs to compare telephone charges

*codes to solve lighting problems

*rates to calculate a fair price to charge for a school meal

*averages to calculate the price of second hand cars

*percentages to calculate income tax and population growth

*volume of cuboids and cylinders to make cakes

*value for money comparing the cost of cigarettes with a variety of other goods and services

Each of the 28 case studies has a problem statement giving precise details of the problem. Some of the problems contain background information which might be needed.

Suggestions are given on organising group work, teacher interventions and promoting different methods of finding solutions

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