Leading Practice in STEM

This publication from the SSAT's STEM Pathfinder programme describes the approaches that the forty participating schools developed to embed 'STEM' learning. The examples include successful STEM practice for parents, students, and other people who work with schools and academies, including industry and higher education.

Accompanying the booklet is an audio discussion of key issues in STEM education, with Professor Sir John Holman, the government's National STEM Director from 2006-2010, and three teachers from STEM Pathfinder schools: Aaron Lennon (The Skinners' School), Carrie Hughes (Challney High School for Boys) and Sue McKen (Court Fields School).

Each chapter is exemplified by Case Studies, and several also have accompanying video clips.

Video links are highlighted in the following chapter listing:

*Chapter one: What is STEM? with accompanying Leading Practice videos

*Chapter two: The benefits of STEM

*Chapter three: Developing a STEM ethos

*Chapter four: The relationship between STEM and specialism

*Chapter five: Raising attainment through STEM with accompanying Leading Practice videos

*Chapter six: STEM and external partners with accompanying Leading Practice videos

*Chapter seven: Raising engagement and participation through STEM

*Chapter eight: STEM ways of working with accompanying Leading Practice videos

*Chapter nine: Monitoring and evaluating the impact of STEM

*Chapter ten: Further information

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