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A Toolkit in Data Handling for Projects

This aim of this resource is to help teachers to support students to acquire the skills required to analyse data and interpret trustworthy information from data. They are designed to be flexible and adaptable with the data providing the stimulation for interrogation and enquiry, and include examples and tasks.

The toolkit is split into six sections:

Introduction: gives an overview of the materials in the resource, considers classroom organisation, marking criteria, suggests related materials, electronic resources and resource books.

Collecting Real Data: considers the advantages of using real data with a detailed explanation of how to use the CensusAtSchool website. Included are a number of student tasks for use in the classroom.

Extension activities using Primary Data: describes how schools can collect their own data using the CensusAtSchool website and then make comparisons with data from students in other countries. Once again there are suggested tasks for use with students.

Exercises and Guidelines for data handling: considers how ICT, particularly Excel, can be used to enhance the manipulation and presentation of data, with a helpful dos and don’ts section, a detailed look at how to use pivot tables, produce charts and diagrams and calculate summary statistics such as mean, median and quartiles. There follows a section giving advice on how to prepare and put the project together. Further ICT support gives tips and hints for using the Internet, Word and Excel.

Examples for Investigative Projects: gives some suggestions for the kinds of project that can be conducted concentrating upon projects in which comparisons can be made between data sets. Areas considered in detail are the presentation of data, modelling data, single sample projects, two sample projects and help investigating the Edexcel data for Mayfield School including tasks to be carried out by the students.

Verifying Country Findings: in this section some of the key findings from each of the countries that have taken part in the CensusAtSchool project are presented.

This resource is produced by the Royal Statistical Society for Statistical Education

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