Casio AS Level Resources

This collection of videos is produced by Casio in conjunction with Mathstouch Ltd. The collection consists of material found in AS level mathematics courses. Each resource consists of at least two videos. The first video explains how to solve a mathematical problem using familiar mathematical techniques. The second video shows how the answer to the question can be verified using the functions found on a graphical calculator. 



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Finding All the Solutions of Trigonometric Equations

The mathematical solution explains how to solve the equation: sin(x+150) = 1/sqrt2 for x between 0⁰ and 360⁰. To begin with, the principle values for (x+150) are found. The fact that a sine curve is periodic is used to find the solution set for (x+150) based upon these two initial values. Subtracting 150 from each...

Solving a Quadratic Equation in Sin(x)

The mathematical solution explains how to solve the equation: 6 cos2x +7sinx = 8 for x between 0 and 4π radians. The equation is rearranged to make the equation 6 cos2x +7sinx - 8 = 0 then the identity sin2 x + cos...

Sketching a Quadratic Function by Firstly Expressing It in Completed Square Form

The mathematical solution explains how to sketch the function f(x) = x[sup]2[/sup] + 6x + 8 by firstly expressing the function in completed square form. A detailed explanation of how to find the completed square form is given. The graph of y = x[sup]2[/sup] is then drawn followed by a series of transformations...

Finding the Minimum Value and Sketching a Quadratic Function

The mathematical solution explains how to find the minimum value and sketch the curve of y = 4x2 + 12x + 10. The first method uses calculus, differentiating the function and equating the differential to zero. The resulting equation is solved to find the x value of the minimum point. This value is then...