Lifeboat Lab is a set of activities designed for the RNLI's stand at The Big Bang Fair. Through these activities, young people can discover how the new Shannon class lifeboat combines innovative science, technology, engineering and maths to save lives at sea. Activities are aimed at students in Key Stages Two and Three.



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Sea the Heat

This resource, aimed at Key Stage Two, investigates heat transfer as one of the principles of heat pumps used to heat lifeboat stations. Linking to the topics of materials and their properties and changes of state, children learn how heat moves from high energy (warm) to lower energy (cold) down a gradient and how...

Stuck in the Mud

Aimed at Key Stage Two, this resource looks at the problem of launching RNLI lifeboats from different types of terrain in all kinds of weather. Linked to work on forces, shape and space and design and technology, it introduces the concept that both force and area affect the pressure applied on a surface. Working...

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