Tales from the Prep Room

The Prep Room plays a crucial role in the Royal Institution’s public communication of science. It is where all the equipment and demonstrations are prepared for Royal Institution events - not least the annual Christmas Lectures. This series provides a range of hands-on experiments and demonstrations across a full range of scientific topics led by the Royal Institution's Demonstration Technician, Mr Andrew Marmery.

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Hi, all I have been through all the videos and the Argonne ice and laser diffraction fascinated me.these two are very wel described and explained. The phenomenon of diffraction is sometime very difficult explain and experimental demonstrations. Thanks to provide such nice video.
The argon ice experimental demo is quite a good approach towards finiding the boiling point of inert gases.


Now I've retired, I can finally give you the 5 stars you deserve. I loved all these videos and envied your job for some years! After all these years I'm still loving Science and playing at 'experimenting' with my grandchildren.

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