BEAM (Be a Mathematician) is a specialist mathematics education publisher, dedicated to promoting the teaching and learning of mathematics as interesting, challenging and enjoyable. BEAM was a branch of Nelson Thornes publishers. The teaching materials cover teaching and learning needs for students aged 3 to 14. They deal with many of the classroom concerns voiced by teachers of mathematics and offer practical support and help. They include more than 150 publications, as well as a comprehensive range of games, CD-ROMs and mathematical equipment. BEAM services include consultancy for companies, institutions and government, and a programme of courses and in-service training for schools, early years settings and local education authorities. BEAM is an acknowledged expert in the field of mathematics education.



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Volume and Capacity: an Activity Pack

Published by BEAM this resource contains 21 activity cards on volume and capacity, which allow children to develop their mathematical skill by actively estimating, measuring and comparing capacity and volume. Developed by teachers, the cards help find a way of teaching which fits with the way children learn...