Thinking about learning focusses on five aspects of effective practice that teachers and trainers have found to be particularly important in promoting successful learning: questioning, discussion, using misconceptions, assessment and meeting the needs of all learners. Selecting each of these aspects will allow you to explore the issues, see the ideas in practice, and listen to teachers, trainers and learners reflecting on the process. As you explore each aspect of effective learning you might like to think about how you could use these approaches and activities with your own learners.



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In this section you can see teachers and trainers using a range of questioning techniques.

Teachers and trainers ask questions for a variety of purposes. Questions can be used to keep learners engaged during an explanation, to assess their understanding, to deepen their thinking or focus...

In this section you can see learners engaged in activities that promote mathematical discussion and explore your role in managing discussion with your own learners.

Discussion is an excellent way for learners to rehearse their understanding and to learn from each other. Teachers often say...

Using Misconceptions

In these Standards Unit:Improving Learning in Mathematics videos you can find out what is meant by a misconception, explore activities that bring out misconceptions and reflect on how they might be used positively.

Overview In the overview you can see a short sequence covering of the ways of...

Thinking About Assessment

In this Standards Unit: Improving Learning in Mathematics videos you can explore a range of opportunities for assessment of learning and reflect on how you might incorporate these strategies.


A short sequence giving an overview of assessment as part of the learning process in maths...