Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS): secondary and post-16 resources

Innovative and reliable practical activities to engage students with biology, focusing on plant science. Where appropriate, the resources include detailed background information for teachers and technicians, and questions to stimulate discussion with and between students.

The Science & Plants for Schools (SAPS) website includes over 200 resources, starter ideas, and articles, with new resources based around contemporary science added each term. Science & Plants for Schools has been supporting teachers for over twenty years, and is now based at the University of Cambridge, associated with the Department of Plant Sciences and the Botanic Garden.



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Photosynthesis and Leaf Adaptation: How Sun and Shade Plants Respond to Light

In this practical investigation, students measure the rate of photosynthesis in plants from different habitats (sun and shade), and then consider what this demonstrates about leaf adaptation.

When leaf discs are...

Investigating Fertilisers: the Effects of Minerals on Plant Growth

In this practical, students investigate the effects of different levels of minerals (nitrates, phosphates and potassium) on the growth of radishes. Students sow radish seed in ‘soil’ containing different levels of 3 minerals - nitrates, phosphates and potassium. These minerals are present inside N:P:K fertiliser...

How Science Works - Copper Pollution From Mines

This resource considers how pollution from copper mines affects growth of plants, including a data analysis activity and a practical. The resource aims to address aspects of working scientifically.

The materials...

Bog Core Analysis and Climate Change

This activity looks at climate change and its effects on succession in a location in Norfolk over 12000 years ago.

Students carry out a simulation of a bog core analysis, based on work by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research together with data from the Department of Geography, University of...


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