Nuffield Secondary Design and Technology

The Nuffield Foundation began supporting design and technology in 1990 by establishing the Nuffield Design and Technology Project. The project's approach focused on 'combining the intellectual with the practical'. A wide range of curriculum materials were produced that work well in the classroom. This collection contains resources for design and technology at Key Stage Three and Key Stage Four. In addition the Project produced guides for teachers, parents, and governors to strengthen design and technology in the school or college curriculum. ‘Combining the intellectual with the practical’ Design and technology is where students learn to design and make things that are useful both to themselves and for other people. It is both intellectual and practical. It teaches students the powerful process of designing; a process in which new ideas are conceived and taken from the mind's eye into the made world. It requires creativity and problem-solving abilities. It develops hand-eye co-ordination in the precise use of tools and materials. Design and technology is a remarkable subject. It can change the way your students learn and see the world. The Nuffield approach gives you the power to bring it alive in your classroom.