Making a Spectacle

'Not everyone has good eyesight. Many of us need spectacles or contact lenses to improve our vision. A lot of science goes into making sure people get the right spectacles to suit their needs.' These practicals and videos use a workplace context to help students to develop their understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum, and about the type of materials used in making spectacles. The video shows an optician at RT Knights Opticians Ltd, Bournemouth, as he tests a patient's sight and recommends corrective lenses.



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Making a Spectacle: Activity Sheets

Four activity sheets produced by the Institute of Physics (IOP), to accompany the MODEL Project's Making a Spectacle video. Worksheet one takes an overview of the topic. Worksheets two - four are targeted at specific sections of the video. Answers to all the worksheet questions are provided in the Word document....

Making a Spectacle: Practicals

Six practicals produced by the Institute of Physics (IOP) that help students to understand the electromagnetic spectrum and about materials used in making spectacles.

In addition to the guidance included for specific activities, please refer to the generic health and safety information before commencing any...

Making a Spectacle: Videos

A video, produced by the Institute of Physics (IOP), showing people working in an optician's. They use physics to provide the correct lenses and frames for customers.

The video is presented as a whole and, for ease of use, in three sections:

Testing: the optometrist uses a range of tests to...