Starting a STEM Club in a primary school SC200

Enrich pupil learning, knowledge and enjoyment of STEM subjects, this course shows primary school club leaders how to start and run successful STEM clubs.


STEM Clubs are proven to enrich pupil learning, understanding and enjoyment of STEM subjects, helping to improve skill sets through fun and creative extra-curricular sessions. The workshop explores best practice, ideas, opportunities, hints, tips and advice that will assist new and experienced primary school club leaders to maximise the benefits and impact a STEM Club can bring to pupils, the schools and to themselves.

This workshop is aimed at primary schools seeking to start or enhance STEM Club provision for pupils aged 5 to 11. The workshop includes practical activities, opportunities to network and the sharing of best practice and explores the following topics:

  • Defining what a STEM Club is and what makes it successful and thriving
  • Exploring the benefits and impact of clubs, how they enrich the curriculum and enhance pupil learning
  • Gaining support within the school and planning club objectives
  • Where to find funding opportunities
  • Exploring ideas for practical activities
  • Planning techniques and implementation of club sessions
  • How to recruit pupils and maintain interest
  • Where to find support: STEM Ambassadors, parents, local industry etc
  • How to stretch capabilities and build in essential skills
  • Monitoring success and gathering evidence

Who is this for? 

Primary school educators (teachers, technicians, teaching assistants etc.)


By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits and impact of running a STEM Club in your school
  • Utilise best practice techniques from experienced club leaders; including how to recruit students, gain support from colleagues and where to find funding
  • Identify activities, plan club sessions and incorporate key skills
  • Explore avenues of support including working with STEM Ambassadors, parents and local industry

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