Coasting through the 6 Areas of Learning and Experience - Delivering the Curriculum for Wales through coastal learning NW300 / S23

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21 May 24
1 Day
Pembrey Country Park, Visitor Centre, Pembrey, Llanelli SA16 0EJ View on Google Map


A sea change is afoot.  Educators from ‘Ysgol Tan y Don’, Llanelli decided that they wanted to embrace outdoor learning and start taking their learners out regularly to a local area of coastline but there has been some concern raised amongst parents and residents.  The local press has heard about the discord, and it’s been a headline story in the ‘Llanelli Daily Wave’.  To stem the tide and explain the benefits of coastal learning and how the coast can be used to deliver the Curriculum for Wales, the Headteacher has decided to call a meeting at the school so that the educators can put the concerned minds at ease.  Can the teachers keep their heads above water and convince those concerned that the Welsh coastline is a great place to learn in, learn about and learn for?  Aware that the ocean supports a great diversity of wildlife and is used in almost all aspects of our daily lives, can the educators convince the doubters that as its future custodians, its key that our future generations are ocean literate?


Delivered through the mantle of the expert, this session will give participants 101 ideas to get their learners learning in, learning about, and learning for their local area of coastline.  Participants will spend the day taking part in a range of hands-on, cross-curricular activities in the natural environment, learning about Carmarthenshire’s coastline through the lenses of the 6 Areas of Learning and Experience.  Educators can adapt and run the scenario in the mantle of the expert with their learners over a term, culminating in a discussion to see what new knowledge their learners have gained, or the activities can be pick and mixed to suit their group – Plenty of options available.  Using Wales’ coastline as a tool to realise the Curriculum for Wales will not only allow educators to link learning to the 6 Areas of Learning and Experience but it will also contribute to the realisation of the Four Purposes.  From learning about the social, environmental, and economic benefits the Welsh coastline provides us with and much more, this training session will equip educators with ideas to get their learners out into the fresh air and will support their health and well-being.

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Face to face

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1 day

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Educators will:

  • Be able to put the Curriculum for Wales into action to use the Welsh coastline as a place to learn in, learn about and learn for.
  • Complete cross-curricular outdoor learning activities and challenges which incorporate the 6 Areas of Learning and Experience.
  • Learn about the principles of ocean literacy – Educators will develop an understanding of the ocean’s influence on us and our influence on the ocean and will be empowered to make informed decisions regarding the ocean and its resources.


Coasting through the 6 Areas of Learning and Experience21 May 202409:30-15:30Pembrey Country Park


This training course offers face to face training in partnership with STEM Learning UK and Techniquest.  A £165 ‘Enthuse Bursary’ is available per attending teacher to pay towards supply cover. 


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Participants from outside the UK will be charged the course fee and an additional £120 per day plus VAT.

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