Using STEM research conference: using research to improve teaching and learning of STEM subjects NY259 / A15

Start date
20 May 16
2 Days
National STEM Learning Centre, University of York, York YO10 5DD How to find us


Schools and teachers are increasingly expected to engage with research to enhance teachers’ professional practice, student outcomes and school capacity for self-improvement. This is easier said than done and it is difficult to know where to start. Research engagement can take multiple forms and it’s not easy to decide what approaches work best in different circumstances, and how to use them effectively to maximise the impact on the quality of STEM teaching and learning.

Conference strands:

1.   Evidence-based teaching: applying research findings to enhance STEM teaching and student outcomes.

2.   STEM teachers as researchers: using own research to improve student outcomes.

3.   Using research to enhance teacher professional learning and development.

Featuring workshops based on papers submitted by academics and researchers, school case studies provided by teachers and discussions from experts such as:

  • Shirley Simon, Julie Jordan, Louise Archer and Chris Harrison (science)
  • David Spendlove, Alison Hardy and Kay Stables (technology)
  • Debbie Morgan, Mark Boylan and Rosa Archer (mathematics)

More information about the workshops can be found here

ENTHUSE Award support will be available for teachers. For presenters of papers and participants providing written case studies may receive additional funding

This is a residential course, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. Course fees vary for participants outside the UK. Please contact for more information.


The expected outcomes from the conference are to help schools to:

  • enhance teaching through evidence provided by research knowledge
  • improve the quality of teaching and pupil outcomes through the effective use of research and evaluation
  • share best practice in leading and managing teacher engagement with research
  • share how CPD can help improve teacher research and evaluation skills
  • use research to enrich CPD and enable professional learning
  • measure the effectiveness of different research practices and research policies in raising teacher performance and student outcomes



Research conference 'Using research to improve teaching and learning of STEM subjects' - Day 120 May 201610:30-21:30National STEM Learning Centre
Research conference 'Using research to improve teaching and learning of STEM subjects' - Day 221 May 201609:00-15:00National STEM Learning Centre


This conference will enable you to use research more effectively in your own teaching. Hear from a range of experienced speakers about the benefits of implementing research into teaching, and come away with ideas for effective practice for your classroom. With opportunities to debate ideas, and plenty of networking, this conference has something for every teacher, every phase and every subject.

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For courses at the National STEM Learning Centre in York, fees include meals and accommodation for the duration of the course. 


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