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Impact session at the Super regional meetings May 16

Here is the powerpont we used in the impact evaluation session. You may be able to use some of theses slides to support your tutors to use the impact process more effectively. It may also be useful to share with SLP collegues who missed the session. Everyone involved should be clear about the process, so they can answer any questions from participants.

The Impact process PDE is now release. The PDE is available though your RDL who can send you a link to download this. 

If youve tried something out with your tutos that has improved understanding of the process (and returns!) do share it here

Thanks for joining in the session





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This looks great but I cannot save it or open as a slideshow fullscreen. Hopefully this can be rectified so I can use it. Thank you


Hi Pauline

I'm not sure what the difficulty is, has anyone else had problems opening the file? 

Very shortly we shall be uploading the PDE covering the use of the impact process including the rationale, and research evidence to support it. So you might need to wait a few more days, then access the full version to be used by tutors



Thanks to my IT support I have now opened it and saved it. Thank you; very useful