Deep cells

Help students explore the roles of the heart, intestines, the lungs and blood circulation in ensuring cell survival.


The benefits of learning outside the classroom

Learning outside the classroom can reignite enthusiasm for teaching and make the curriculum more engaging for students.

Science Learning Partnership impact

Science Learning Partnerships

Our Science Learning Partnerships combine local expertise in teaching and learning in science, facilitating CPD, and providing school-to-school support.

A level science resource packages

Packages of hand-picked resources covering the subject content for A level sciences, with advice and guidance from subject specialists.


Electric sausage

Small pieces of paper are attracted to a statically-charged balloon. Amazingly, so is a sausage.


Go with the flow: investigating bouncy fluids and other strange materials

The booklet introduces a selection of materials with unusual flow properties and provides suggestions for how they can be used in the classroom.

Secondary Science

Specially selected for teachers and technicians of science; browse resources, professional development, news and opinions. Join in the discussion with our community groups.

Featured Resources

Carbon Footprint Toolkit

This BP Educational Service (BPES) resource includes a simple animation explaining how solar panels provide electricity for homes, businesses and the national grid, and a factsheet describing global carbon agreements. The resource helps students to understand more about the impacts of carbon emissions, choices for...
Publication date:
2010 to date

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The four multiple choice quizzes, from the Association for Science Education (ASE).The everyday science puzzles cover the questions:Moon blues: Can we really have a blue moon?Insular electrons: How do you recharge an electric toothbrush through its plastic case?Inner glow: Why does rotten wood sometimes glow?
Publication date:
2000 - 2009

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The best resources to support the teaching of:

Self-Evaluation Tool

A tool to help departments evaluate their performance and plan improvements.


Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO UK, the UK space education office.


Summer school for newly and recently qualified science teachers NY255

Have you completed your NQT year? Do you feel that you would like to hone your skills in delivering challenging and inspirational practical activities and develop your teaching skills further to inspire and engage your students? The summer school will provide time and space to reflect upon your practice working in a...

Practical work summer schoolNY217

Developing good practical work across all science. Starting your first job in teaching science is very exciting but can also be a bit daunting. It can be a challenge to deliver safe but interesting practical work. It can also be challenging to teach outside your specialism, especially when it comes to effective...

Inspiring students through a farming contextRP708

This event takes place at the arable industry's leading technical event, Cereals 2017. The CPD, run in collaboration with the Institute of Agricultural Engineers, will enable teachers to link with the cutting edge research and industry experts to enhance subject knowledge, widen understanding of the technical...

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Many of our professional development activities are supported by generous bursaries for state funded schools, this includes support for in-school professional development.


Get recognition for your professionalism with our recognition schemes: STEM Educators and Science Mark.

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