Secondary school science lesson

Good Practical Science

The Good Practical Science report provides a framework with a series of benchmarks to use when planning your approach to delivering practical science.


Earth's magnetic field

In the teaching unit, students learn how to measure the earth’s magnetic field.


Mathematical skills in triple science

Advice and guidance on teaching the more rigorous mathematics content of the separate science GCSEs.

Science club

Resources for STEM Clubs

Spark young people's imaginations through our selection of free online resources.


How to land science’s most extreme and unusual roles

The great thing about the various branches of science is the sheer number of fields from which to delve into.

School science lesson

Meeting the Teachers' Standards (secondary science)

Looking for resources to support your development across all eight Teacher Standards? Look no further.

Secondary Science

Specially selected for teachers and technicians of science; browse resources, professional development, news and opinions. Join in the discussion with our community groups.

Featured Resources

Clock reaction

Two translucent liquids are mixed. At first, nothing happens: the resulting solution is still translucent. Suddenly, with no warning, the solution turns blue-black all at once.Curriculum links include redox reactions, rate of reaction, kinetics
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2010 to date

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How deep is your blue? Coloured chemistry with smartphones

In this activity students use a smartphone to determine the precise amount of copper in an aqueous solution of nitric acid. Students collect comparative values of different copper-solutions with special apps to produce a diagram and estimate the amount of copper, based on the Lambert-Beer Law that explains that the...
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2010 to date

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A selection of films suitable for use in the classroom presented by Derek Muller the from the ever popular Veritasium YouTube channel . 
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2010 to date

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Bring engineering into your school or college

Through a range of resources, support and inspiration, discover how engineering can be used to enrich your lessons.


Resources using space as a context for teaching from ESERO UK, the UK space education office.


New to A level biologyNY250

Are you new to teaching A level Biology? Do you have sound subject knowledge but want to strengthen your delivery to provide a stimulating and challenging learning experience for your students? Biology is a fast changing subject which involves the teaching of ethically sensitive subjects. Through the development of...

Practical genetics for techniciansNY632

 Genetics is one area of biology that could have the biggest impact on us in the future and it's an integral part of the biology syllabus. When teaching it, the biggest issue is the lack of easy, successful practical work that helps underpin students' understanding of this complex topic. This course has been designed...

Practical work summer schoolNY217

Developing good practical work across all science. Starting your first job in teaching science is very exciting but can also be a bit daunting. It can be a challenge to deliver safe but interesting practical work. It can also be challenging to teach outside your specialism, especially when it comes to effective...

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