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Let’s all play our part

On International Women in Engineering Day, it’s my wish that – by 2028 there is no need for such a day at all. By then I hope that women working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers are accepted as so unremarkable that this can stop being an issue at all.We will all know when we have achieved this. It will be the day...


The science, technology and mathematics of ENTHUSE-iasm – is that you?

Most of us have a ‘teacher story’ – the one person who inspired us to study and love a subject, and got the best out of us even if, perhaps, it wasn’t truly our strong point. Mine was my music teacher, an individual so influential that even now I can sing the whole Sound of Music lyrics from memory, word for word, even though I can’t remember what...

Why I love Chicks with Bricks

Today the wonderfully named ‘Chicks with Bricks’ – a group celebrating women in construction roles and industries – are having a celebration event.Unfortunately I can’t make it this time but I went to one not so long ago, meeting a vast range of women, and men, working on major and not so major projects, and all with great stories to tell. It was...

Every day should be National Women in Engineering day – because it is!

Tuesday 23 June was the second National Women in Engineering Day and, by all accounts, a resounding success – as long as, that is, you knew it was taking place in the first instance.OK – a world record for a gathering of female engineers was broken in Horseguards Parade, and Women’s Hour featured it, but as I announced it to a roomful of committed...


The trouble with practical science

You may – or may not – have noticed a bit of a furore developing recently around practical science, or more specifically the assessment of it. For A level in England, Ofqual have announced that assessment of practical science will no longer be included in the final grading, with a separate pass/fail for defined practical techniques reported...

Supporting STEM education

As we welcome new and old ministers back into the halls of Westminster and they are no doubt identifying their key priorities for the first one hundred days, may I suggest something a little radical?In terms of education, and especially the teaching of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), perhaps they should take time to look...


An open letter to the new Secretary of State for Education

Dear Madam/Sir,With the general election right round the corner, education is a hot topic and everyone is talking about the ever-rising need for STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). We all know that better science and mathematics teaching in schools is critically important for the UK economy, AND essential for the...


Getting more girls into engineering? It’s doesn’t have to be that difficult – just do the maths!

Whisper it quietly – I’m sure many in engineering circles won’t like me saying this – but I was delighted to spot an article in last week’s London’s Evening Standard highlighting the innovative approach taken by the Engineering Department at University College London in attracting girls to take up Civil Engineering degrees.The best thing is it...


The problem of girls and science

I looked at the front page of this week’s Sunday Times with some dismay to see the headline ‘UK girls flop in science league’, knowing that this will reignite an issue which for me, as a female engineer now working in STEM education, is personal as well as something of a mystery.Of course, once you look behind the headlines – and the inevitable...


The science of icecream

While you are tucking into your ice cream on the beach this summer, you are actually closer to science than might at first meet the eye. So here – with the help of my Dad, who spent many years developing ice cream – is a quick lowdown on the science of ice cream, with which you can impress your family, amaze your friends and also enjoy yourself...