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I'm passionate about getting computing across to learners and teachers.
After all, Computer Science is the science of (nearly) everything! I've taught mainly in the West Midlands but spent a couple of years across the border in Wales. Originally a Maths specialist, my real passion is in computing where I've been Head of Department/Subject Lead and set computing up in a number of schools. I've also worked as LA Consultant, first doing Hands-On Support and later as National Strategies Consultant for ICT. I've taught D&T and Business too, but getting machines to do stuff is what I love.
As well as being SME and CSC for the NCCE, I do some course facilitation and some tutoring. Always tinkering with programmable machines (remnants from a previous career) I like designing and making model aircraft and other miniatures to support a hobby of exploring "what-if" strategic and tactical outcomes of historical conflicts in contemporary time. I'm chair of one of the oldest wargaming societies in England. I'm a keen sailor and I enjoy tending a few livestock and my vegetable garden. I play ukulele for my own entertainment.
You can get hold of me at d.jones@stem.org.uk


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