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UsernameDave Gibbs
OrganisationNational STEM Centre
Current RoleConsultant/adviser

I am the Computing and Technology Specialist for STEM Learning leading on computing curriculum resources, projects and CPD.

I have taught science, including Physics to A-Level, before becoming a curriculum leader in ICT. I then managed a City Learning Centre in my home town of Sheffield, and led secondary computing and ICT support for secondary schools in Sheffield LA.

Areas of interest include teaching programming and computer science, space robotics, and making use of computation to support learning across STEM.


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Lego Robotics and Datalogging

8 Jan 16
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algorithms sequence

4 Dec 15
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GCSE Computer Science

20 Nov 15
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A-Level Computer Science

5 Nov 15
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micro:bit resources

15 Sep 15
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How to build your confidence as a non-specialist teacher of computing

New year, new timetable. Whether you’re picking up a few lessons of computing here and there, or you’ve fully taken on a subject teaching role for the first time, you probably feel a little shaky. As you work to raise your confidence, invest your energy wisely.How you can get startedTry unplugged activitiesTry out some unplugged computing...


What has engineering got to do with computing?

Engineering offers different ways of learning in computing, from problem-solving techniques to systems for managing code development. There are also many, many routes into engineering and technical careers open to students interested in computing.Britain needs engineers. With around 25% of GDP being generated in engineering, it is vital to the...

Harnessing the power of data

In the information age, data is powerful. Data science is one of the fastest growing – and best paid – STEM careers. Many young people have little idea about their data, including how it is collected, analysed and used by governments and powerful corporations.In schools, data is central to both computing and maths but is sometimes taught in silos...

Big futures from little projects

Question: What’s worth £8 trillion pounds a year*, brings all of STEM together and encourages entrepreneurship and creativity in the classroom?Answer: the Internet of ThingsThe fourth industrial revolution is happening fast, fusing the digital and physical world. By connecting the unconnected, astounding new things are possible. Sensors in...

National Coding Week: help! I don’t have the technology to teach programming!

Image courtesy of Bradley Dardis @BradleyDardisThe introduction of the computing curriculum has increased demand for scarce IT resources. What can you do if the kit isn’t sufficient? In the fourth of our #nationalcodeweek series, we ask if it’s possible to learn computer programming without computers.Many teachers are happy to teach algorithms...


National Coding Week: when is the best time to move from blocks to text-based programming?

It’s day three of National Coding Week! Today focuses on when the best time is to move from blocks to text-based programming.The English curriculum for computing states that text-based programming should be tackled from age 11 but this isn’t a universal view. Ben Hall promotes early experiences with text-based languages, as Scratch doesn’t allow...


National Coding Week: what are your go-to resources when teaching programming for the first time?

Welcome to the second in our series of #NationalCodingWeek blogs offering tips for teaching programming. Before launching into the ‘how’ of computer programming, it might be worth taking some time to explain ‘why’.Children are massive consumers of technology, rather than producers. This means they might miss the fact that everything a computer...


National Coding Week: how to teach programming when your confidence is low

It’s National Coding Week this week! Over the next five days, we’ll be sharing the most useful tips from leading teachers of computing shared via the indispensable #CASchat.Each week, teachers across the UK and beyond give up their time to share ideas and resources – if you’ve not tuned in yet you’re missing out. You don’t even need to join...


Exploring the big issues in computing

Many Governments want to illegalise encryption to make it harder to communicate secretly, eroding our privacy further.Wealth accumulates in big tech companies, which squeeze out the existing media, and are much more loosely regulated leading to fake news.Artificial intelligence will displace more humans from their jobs than anyone thought possible...


What’s happening at UK Robotics Week 2017?

UK Robotics Week takes place between 24-30 June 2017 and is a week-long celebration of all things robotics.Now in its second year of running, the nationwide series of events demonstrates the latest technologies and research, and offers some fantastic competitions for schools to engage with robotics.We’ve been keeping an eye out for all the...