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STEM Community launches: Connect. Share. Shape. Develop

Published: Jan 18, 2021 2 min read

STEM learning

We’d like to invite you to join STEM Community - a vibrant, safe, professional space for members to share knowledge, ideas, opinions and offer support.

If you’re a primary and secondary STEM teacher or technician, this is a free platform for you to build a supportive network, offer problem solving solutions and share your own professional experiences with others.

At such a challenging time, STEM Community is a fabulous opportunity to engage with your peers and foster a spirit of collaboration and belonging. The platform offers support to help you with your professional growth - whenever and wherever you need it. This growth will shape future STEM education practice on the ground, ultimately improving outcomes for young people.

As a teacher or technician, we want you to engage in the professional conversations on the platform - ask questions, suggest topics, post links...and we’ll be on hand to contribute ideas, stimulate discussion and share useful content too. Let’s learn from each other!



As a member, you’ll be rewarded for getting involved in STEM Community, gaining points for taking specific actions and climbing the leaderboard. You can also earn badges and ribbons which are linked to how often you engage with the platform.

There are currently four discussion groups featuring lively debates:

  • 11-19 Science
  • Careers, Clubs and Cross Curricular
  • Primary STEM
  • Technicians

Recent topics include remote learning tips and advice, suggestions for pupils' favourite experiments, advice about OFSTED inspections, tips for teaching calculations online, how to encourage more students to follow a STEM career path and many more! 


To join the conversation, sign in to your STEM Learning account and visit: community.stem.org.uk


If you don’t have an account it’s very quick and easy to create one - just head to ‘create account’ and follow the steps.

We’re excited to welcome you to STEM Community - let’s build something really special together!