Find your volunteering activities

Participating in the STEM Ambassador programme is easier than ever via the STEM Ambassador website, designed to put you in control of your STEM Ambassador experience.

You can register and search for volunteering opportunities through the website whenever you want and wherever you are.

How do I find activities to take part in using the website?

Registering and becoming an active volunteer, via the STEM Ambassador website, is quick and easy. You can access the website on your smartphone, tablet or PC whenever it's convenient. In the new year, you will also be able to download the STEM Ambassador app to make volunteering even easier.

“Simple, easy to navigate and useful information” – Shane McKie, STEM Ambassador

Step by step process to finding volunteering activities

When you're ready to volunteer, you can search for local volunteering opportunities (activities), express an interest in supporting an activity, then engage with the activity organiser online.

“It’s obvious you can use it and look at the thing you’re interested in. It’s very useful” – Frank Weare, STEM Ambassador

Being able to browse what’s available in your local area also gives you an opportunity to support schools, colleges or youth and community groups you haven’t previously worked with, sharing your skills and experience with an even wider range of young people and those that play a role in influencing their future career decisions.

“Improves on your independency skills, improves flexibility and the ability to access it online at any time, easy to keep track of activities. Planning ahead” - Shazya Bashir, STEM Ambassador

You will also be able to feedback about your experience, helping you, your organisation and us know what impact your volunteering is having. 


How to find activities online and express my interest

This video is for STEM Ambassadors: registering as a STEM Ambassador, creating your profile to match suitable activities, finding activities for you to get involved in and how to contact activity organisers at schools, colleges and youth/community groups.