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11-14 Physics project ideas suitable for home study

A collection of links to helpful Physics projects, activities and online experiments, grouped by topic for convenience.

The activities are all from trusted sources (Eg. IOP) and have been safety-checked, but please do your own risk assessments.


Python Practice Sheet 1 - Character Input

Electrical circuits equipment list

This is a guide to assemble equipment to teach electrical circuits.


There is an overview of the market and covers basics construction using soldered connections and kits.

Bitesize CPD - Secondary – Insight into students’ learning

There are a number of different activities you could plan to gather evidence during a lesson to help you infer students’ thinking and ideas about phenomena. Some approaches go beyond just getting students to recall information and may therefore offer greater insights into students’ learning. 


Bitesize CPD - Secondary – Responding to learners needs

There are a variety of ways teachers can collect evidence of students’ learning at the end of lessons. In this video: Inference and action during the lesson Dylan mentions a...

Bitesize CPD - Secondary – Project 2061 – Insights from research

In the previous activity, you shared ideas from your personal experiences of teaching, on some common misconceptions and areas of difficulty you have encountered with your students. Now, you’ll take a look at some outputs from research that has been conducted to find out what area’s students have found difficult....

Bitesize CPD - Secondary – Misconceptions in science

Watch this video on planning for learning. Chris is describing how misconceptions are often not wrong thinking but may be a ‘concept in embryo’ or a ‘local generalisation’ that the pupil has made. These ‘alternative ideas’ may in...

Titanium Grade V: Material spotlight

In this video you will learn:

  • What is Titanium Grade V?
  • The properties of Titanium Grade V
  • The applications of Titanium Grade V
  • The available forms

A Future in Science

An introduction for students to the very wide range of science-based careers.

Deciding Destinations KS2

The premise of this activity is that the school is sending a rover to Mars. It is the job of the class to decide where the rover should land on Mars. Children work in groups to investigate 6 potential landing sites and weighing up the pros and cons of each. To reach a decision the class...


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