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Speed Pairs

A quick game, from the ASE SYCD: Science Year Primary CD-ROM, for up to four pupils to reinforce their knowledge of some aspects of Physical Processes.

The resource comprises of cards and instructions for playing the game. Pupils compete to collect the starts and ends of statements or questions. Areas...

Taking Risks

In this SATIS Revisited resource the activities take students through a comparison of the risks associated with different activities using data at personal, community, national and global levels.

There are three activities in this unit, which have been written to be followed sequentially. Students work...

Carbon Footprints and the Greenhouse Effect

In this SATIS Revisited resource students consider the factors that contribute to the greenhouse effect, the possible effects of global warming, and how they as individuals are contributing to carbon dioxide emissions.

Climate change is affecting the natural world. The distribution of some species appears to...

Odd One Out

This ASE PowerPoint quiz game ia aimed to liven up topics revision and reinforce vocabulary. The presentation includes two sets of questions on solids, liquids, gases and physical properties. They challenge students to find the "odd one out" from four options provided. A paper version of the question options and...

Top Trumps

This resource from the Department for Education is a set of 'Top Trumps' cards, which help students reflect on the skills and personality traits of individuals in particular careers. The cards could be used as a starter activity before students reflect on their own attributes and interests.


From the Wellcome Trust, this issue of the 'Big Picture' series reviews the causes, health consequences, and personal and social impact of obesity, and how it might be tackled. How is body weight controlled?

Why is the incidence of obesity increasing? What is the impact on people and society? What can be...

Enterprise Trading Game

This short film from BP Educational Service introduces the Enterprise Trading Game. In the game students work together competing to trade oil, demonstrating skills and values that contribute towards success in business.

Warm-Up Work

An action starter game from BP Educational Service for students aged 7-11. Each student carries out an appropriate action for electricity words: wire, battery, bulb, motor, switch, buzzer, electricity.

Further starter activities are available from YSI Warm-up Work on the BP Educational Service website.


BLOODHOUND SSC chatterboxes are an innovative resource that will inspire and motivate science teaching and learning in the classroom.

They are an excellent way to raise standards throughout Key Stage Two and impact on students' attainments.

In this fun and interactive activity, students cut and fold...

Speed Pairs

This quick game is provided by ASE and it aims to recap and reinforce students' knowledge of some aspects of physical processes. The resource comprises of cards and instructions for playing the game. Students compete to collect the beginning and end of statements or questions. Areas covered are electricity, forces...


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