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Investigating Pi

This video resource from Teachers TV is presented by Wendy Fortescue-Hubbard who demonstrates a technique, first performed by the French naturalist George-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon in 1777, used to estimate the value of Pi. Mathematics teacher Steve Imisson, at Vyners School in Hillingdon, works with a class...

KS3 Maths - Introducing Pi

This video resource from Teachers TV features Wendy Fortescue-Hubbard as she demonstrates a visual way of introducing Pi. By carefully folding the label from any can across its diameter it is evident that it fits three and a bit times and Jacqui Edwards, teacher of mathematics at Vyners School in Hillingdon, uses...

Auditioning the STEM Ambassadors

This video shows the process of auditioning 16 STEM Ambassadors hoping to take part in a series of Teachers TV films profiling their work experience. The 16 finalists were challenged to enthuse and engage the panel of judges, a group of schoolchildren, with a five-minute activity. The video gives introduces the...

Underwater Energy (14-16)

This resource looks at the key features, advantages and disadvantages of tidal power as an energy source. Students identify the features of a landscape which will maximise the effectiveness of tidal power, considering the ideal shape of the location, whether the machinery will interfere with other activities,...

Liz Bland: Chartered Civil Engineer

In this video, Liz Bland talks about her work as a civil engineer. Liz manages the day-to-day running of construction sites, ordering materials, managing budgets and ensuring that jobs are completed in time. She enjoys problem-solving and finds the work very rewarding. In the video, Liz talks...

School Sanctuaries

Behaviour expert Bill Rogers shares his thoughts on why creating a sane, safe and secure community in school is part of a teacher's responsibility. He describes how to develop a safe school environment, putting support at the heart of everything.

Managing the Difficult Class

In this video from Osiris Educational Bill Rodgers discusses his experience of working as a mentor teacher in challenging schools and how to deal with behaviour issues presented by groups of pupils.

Toolkit Talks: Parental Involvement

This Toolkit Talks video covers parental involvement.

Professor Steve Higgins of Durham University and Dr Lee Elliot Major from the Education Endowment Foundation discuss how best to engage parents with school and strategies to enable parents to help their children with their school work.


Establishing Trust

In this video from Osiris Educational Bill Rodgers discusses the essential skills that enable teachers to be a confident classroom leader with behaviourally challenging young people in order to establish trust.

Dealing With Distractions Confidently

Students who play with objects, listen to music or find other distractions can disrupt their own and others' learning. Leading behaviour expert, Bill Rogers, describes a recent encounter with Daniel, and explains how to get the best from this tricky situation, enforcing rules effectively.


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