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Inclined planes

This video and accompanying teacher notes explore inclined planes, friction and resolving forces. The video includes details of an experiment that demonstrates the principles involved, the calculations used and ideas for further experiments.

The Longitude Problem

This film, from Twig World, looks at the relationship between time and place. In an age before satellite navigation and GPS, one man found an ingenious solution to the problem of determining a ship's location at sea. The key points made in the film are: •Lines of latitude circle the Earth horizontally; lines of...

Height off ground

A computer animation is shown that features a character. The character jumps and disappears through various ‘holes’ before reappearing on the screen at various heights. The challenge is to graph the height of the character against time.

Height off ground video

Mini lectures: game theory

This video explores the history of game theory.

It includes the 'Thief vs Guard' example, the 'Prisoner's dilemma' and the application in game theory in insurance company policy and organ transplant donations. The video features a series of speakers from the Meetings of Nobel Laureates, and runs through...

Meat balls

Act 1

A video shows a pan of sauce on a hob. Some meatballs are to be placed into the sauce. Will the pan overflow?

Act 2

Photographs are given to...

Engineering for Entertainment

This video highlights a range of engineering careers in the entertainment industry and the importance of studying science, mathematics and technology. Engineers from across the sector explain what inspired them to become engineers and why they love their job, providing...

Structural Engineer

Katie Symons creates modern buildings and structures. This Department for Education video clip demonstrates the importance of STEM subjects in achieving a career in structural engineering. Katie describes how her work involves designing buildings, which...

Humanitarian Engineer

Andrew is Chief Executive of the charity Engineering Without Borders UK. This Department for Education clip shows students how choosing to study science can help an individual to make a global difference. Engineers Without Borders UK, work on problems associated with communities overseas...

Analysing the Game

This video, from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), explores the research and technology behind Opta Sports data and provides first-hand information directly from interviews with the engineers and sports professionals involved. Opta Sports data uses leading edge technology to compile team and...

Virtual Sport

In this video from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), engineers explain the technology behind Wii controllers. Micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) is the technology behind games console controllers and products like air bags. New applications for this technology are being found daily, and...


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