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Candy bars: analysing data

This task assesses analysing data using graphs or charts.

A group of friends are planning on selling candy bars at a school tuck shop. They conduct a survey of 30 people, asking the question, ‘how many bars of candy do you eat in a week?’

The results are presented as raw data, stating male or female,...

Ice cream: pie charts

This task assesses understanding of pie charts and working on a problem in a real life situation.

The task involves making a plan for selling ice creams at a school sports day. Information is given on:

  • The cost of a tub of ice cream
  • The capacity of the tub
  • How many cones can be...

Temperatures: graphs and box plots

This task assesses understanding of graphs and box plots.

A graph is given that shows the highest average temperature for each month in California and Washington. The task is to say what is the same about the graphs, and what is different. A subsequent task is to select correct box plots for California and...

Scatter diagrams

This task assesses understanding of scatter diagrams and lines of best fit. A scatter diagram is presented that shows the scores achieved in two tests.

The task involves plotting a point to show the average score for each test, drawing a line of best fit, and then assessing five statements about the scatter...

Birds' eggs: scatter diagrams

This task assesses understanding of scatter diagrams. A scatter diagram is presented that shows the lengths and widths of the eggs of some American birds.

The task involves plotting additional points on the diagram, describing correlation, interpreting a point on the diagram, and estimating the width of an...

Day out: school trip planning

This task looks at planning a school trip. Information is given about three places to visit, including the cost and distance from school. A class vote takes place with students listing their first and second choice of which place they would like to visit. Additional information gives the cost per mile of hiring a...

Prizes for STEM based primary school competitions based in and around Glasgow, Scotland

As part of The IET Scotland South West committee, we have available a small fund available to either provide small prizes or material to enable STEM investigations / competitions to be held in and around Glasgow.

The aim is to promote STEM competitions in primary school to highlight to young people the...

What were the Egyptian pyramids made from?

A team activity that results in team debating how the pyramids were actually built.

Teams work on either a case for Dimensional Stone, cut from a quarry face and transported to site while the other team build a case for an early precast work, hydraulic lime morter was cast in situ blocks and erected on the...

Composition of Air Model

A 'cut out and glue' model demonstrating the proportions of the various gases in the composition of air

Lesson 5: Melting Glaciers and Their Impacts

The glacier experiment sequence from the previous two lessons is repeated here, accompanied by the glacier vulnerability score chart. Two sets of student assessment tasks are given for levels three to seven. One of these allows teachers to print and distribute the questions most suitable to their class or to...


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