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Regression (Linear)

This is a series of interactive excel sheets exploring linear regression.

The first sheet plots a scatter diagram and line of best fit for a small set of bivariate data. The mean and product moment correlation coefficient is also calculated.

The second sheets displays a summary of the formulae used to...

Standard Deviation

This is a series of interactive excel sheets that explore the different methods for calculating standard deviation.

The first sheet helps demonstrate the method for finding the standard deviation from population data by summing the squared deviations from the mean. The second sheet shows the alternative...

Venn Diagrams

This series of interactive excel sheets explore calculating the probability of events from Venn diagrams. Another resource exploring the use of Venn diagrams can be found in our Virtual Textbook: Secondary collection.

The first...

aSin(x) + bcos(x)

This group of interactive excel worksheets look at the series of identities of the form

aSin(x) ± bCos(x) and aCos(x) ± bSin(x),

where a=RCos(α), b = RSin(α), R=√(a2+b2) and α=tan-1(b/a)....

Modelling: Depth of Water in a Tidal River

This excel file looks at using the sine curve to model the water depth in a tidal river.

The first interactive sheet shows how the Earth’s orbit around the Sun can be modelled by the sine curve. One or two cycles can be displayed. The second sheet shows how the sine curve can model a cycle which takes 24...

Radians: Arcs and Sectors

This collection of interactive excel sheets look at radians, arc length, sector area, converting to and from degrees, and other related problems.

The first sheet displays a sector of a circle and corresponding interior angle. The angle value is given in radians as a decimal and in terms of π, as well as in...

Trigonometry: X=cosθ,Y=sinθ

This collection of interactive excel sheets looks at a circle of radius 1 and the corresponding values generated for cosθ and sinθ.

The first interactive sheet illustrates that for the unit circle, X = cosθ and Y = sinθ. The value of θ can be adjusted.

The second sheet generates angles from 0° to 360...

Volumes of Revolution

This collection of interactive excel sheets investigate volumes of revolution by integration.

The first sheet plots the function y= ax2+bx+c and illustrates the area under the curve as well as the volume of revolution between two adjustable limits, x=A and x=B. The constants a,...

Algebra: Substitution

This excel program contains a series of interactive spreadsheets designed to give practice in substitution values into expressions containing either one or two variables. Positive or negative values may be selected.

The workbook contains a further six worksheets providing further questions for use in the...

Algebraic Equations

This excel file contains a series of sheets which generate different types of equations involving algebraic fractions. The different types include denominators which are single term, linear and quadratic expressions. The quadratic expressions all have 1 as the coefficient of x2.

Students need to be able to...


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