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About me

In this activity, part of a group of Python inspired resources,  students will learn how to write a Python program telling people all about you.

Teachers and session leaders should access the project materials and notes ...

Countdown Timer

This activity is part of a group of projects and activities in Python , that can be used with Raspberry Pi Sense Hat or using the Sense Hat emulator. This resources works well with older or more advanced students.

Teachers and session leaders should access the ...

Happy Birthday

In this project, part of the HTML and CSS projects , you’ll be introduced to HTML & CSS by learning how to make your own customised birthday card.

Teachers and session leaders should access the ...

Starting from Scratch

Scratch is widely used in primary schools to teach children basic programming. This resource goes deeper, making use of the familiar Scratch environment to take students deeper into programming concepts such as:

  • Algorithm design
  • Parallel and sequential instructions
  • Event-driven...

Networks and the Internet

This resource contains 6 presentations on various aspects of Networks and Network Management including

The Internet (DNS servers and IP addresses)

How Networks Communicate (IP addresses and packets)

Types of Network (Network topologies)

Peer-ToPeer vs Client/Server, LAN and WAN)


Python Programming Challenges

This booklet consists of 16 introductory programming challenges, some of the challenges also provide further extension challenges, for every challenge there is a "Self Review" section which asks students to comment on whether they managed to complete the task successfully, whether they had any errors initially and...

Python Beginners Challenges

This resource consists of a 50 page workbook with 39 different programming challenges listed, along with hints and suggestions for how to proceed with solving them along with explanations of various programming ideas. The workbook as a whole could be used as a detailed introduction to programming in Python, with...

Geocraft -Giant's Causeway

These resources consist of lesson plans, worksheets, Minecraft Maps (Raspberry Pi version) for the area around the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland, and some general how to guides. The guides take teachers through the steps to update a Raspberry Pi, and install one of the Giant's Causeway maps into the correct...

70 Programming Challenges

This resource contains a large number of activities which were originally aimed at students using Visual Basic, other than a few mentions of pressing a button to make something happen, they should all be readily implementable in plain python. The booklet has 7 or 8 missing challenges on Sorting and Searching, but...

Python Validation

This resource consists of an information sheet detailing various methods for validating user input in Python, these come in the form of a table consisting of some code in one column and an overview of what the corresponding code does. There is an associated zip file with code examples in it and a presentation which...


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