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Creating, Learning and Programming with Scratch Guides

The programming language Scratch enables students to create characters which are able to dance, sing, and interact with one another. Students are able to create images that whirl, spin, and animate in response to movements of the mouse and integrate images with sound effects and music clips. Students can create an...

The Internet

The video explains the purpose of the activity which is, in simple terms, how the Internet works. This is an unplugged activity meaning that computing concepts are learnt without the use of a computer. All relevent terminology is explained. The lesson shows students pretending to flow through the Internet, whilst...

Raspberry Pi - Getting Started Tutorials

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized, programmable computer which has been developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

OCR have been working in collaboration with Raspberry Pi and with leading practitioners to create resources that support the use of the Raspberry Pi in the classroom.


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