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National Strategies – Behaviour and Attendance (Core Day 1 Resources)

These Department of Education National Strategies resources explore behaviour and attendance, taken from the Core Day 1 training sessions. The files cover: *Advice on whole school behaviour and attendance policy *Tutors notes: session 1 - review policy *Tutors notes: session 2 - implement policy *Tutors notes:...

Inventory of SEAL Skills

A quick audit for teachers to use to consider their own social and emotional skills.

50 SEAL Outcomes

In order to systematically plan to promote social and emotional skills it helps to categorise them and this National Strategies resource does this within five aspects of learning, based upon Daniel Goleman’s classification (Goleman, 1996). Each aspect is subdivided into skills and then still further into a series...

Dealing With Distractions Confidently

Students who play with objects, listen to music or find other distractions can disrupt their own and others' learning. Leading behaviour expert, Bill Rogers, describes a recent encounter with Daniel, and explains how to get the best from this tricky situation, enforcing rules effectively.

Colleague Support

In this video from Osiris Educational Bill Rodgers discusses what effective colleague support can reasonably be given when dealing with behaviourally challenging classes or individual pupils.

Talking About and Responding to School Cyberbullying - Case Study

This document from the Department of Education looks at how St Gregory's Catholic School Science College educates pupils and parents about cyberbullying through newsletters, their 'Parent Zone' and curriculum. The resource explores the school's resources for parents, mobile phone and behaviour polices as part of...

Alternative Provision

The aim of this Ofsted survey was to analyse the elements of successful alternative provision. Alternative provision has been defined as education outside school, arranged by local authorities or schools. For the purpose of this survey, alternative provision was defined as something in which a young person...

Key Teacher Attitudes

A presentation highlighting seven strategies for behaviour management.

Toolkit Talks: Social and Emotional Learning

This Toolkit Talks video covers social and emotional learning.

Professor Steve Higgins, of Durham University and Camilla Nevill from Education Endowment Foundation discuss research into the social and emotional aspects of learning and how this is implemented in teaching practice.

The minute...

Below the Radar: Low Level Disruption in the Country's Classrooms

This report from Ofsted looks at low level classroom disruption. Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector (HMCI) raised concerns about low-level disruption in schools in his Annual Report 2012/13. As a consequence, guidance to inspectors was tightened to place greater emphasis on this issue in routine inspections. In addition...


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