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Python 3: Iteration

For students with some prior experience of using simple For and While loops, this intermediate-level resource explores how they can be used for more complex coding while maintaining efficiency.

Exercises include arithmetic applications of While loops, and development of simple For loops to be usable in more...

Python 3: Selection and Conditionals

This intermediate-level resource for those learning to program with Python 3.x looks at conditional statements including ELSE and ELIF. The use of arithmetic and logical operators is covered, along with tricks and tips for more efficient and fault-free code.

An explanation of how different data values and...

The Lady or The Tiger

The story, lesson plan, content guide and other "The Lady or the Tiger?" printable PDFs listed at the right compose the climactic learning experience in an early module of three lessons which introduce the concept of binary.

In the first lesson, the class shares a community reading of an adaptation of Frank...

Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: NXT

This sample of a teacher guide introduces basic robotics using Lego NXT hardware and software

The general nature as well as the origins of robotics are covered. NXT robots are then introduced, as well as some basic mathematical and other considerations for using robots in the classroom. The importance and...

Biology Loves Technology

This booklet is filled with examples of how scientists are combining Computing and Biology. There is a web address and QR code next to every summary so that students can follow the link and find out more.

Applications of Programmable Systems

In this activity, students examine how programmable systems have developed over time. Students use the internet to research a programmable system, place inventions correctly on a timeline and use information about developments in electronics, computing and materials to explain patterns in the development of...


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