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How to Collect Data from Astro Pi

Astro Pi is the name of a small computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, in collaboration with the UK Space Agency and the European Space Agency (ESA).

There are two very special Astro Pi’s. Their names are Ed and Izzy, and they have been qualified for spaceflight. They are now onboard the...

Scratch for sensing and control

This resource gives examples of Scratch 2 sensing data from Vernier USB temperature and motion sensors. Using a £10 BLE dongle it also communicates wirelessly with devices including the TI Sensor Tag2, the BBC micro:bit and the Ollie robotic toy. Scratch can be used offline or run through the Chrome browser.

Exploration of Mars

G2G Communities CIC has produced a range of free materials as part of the ‘Full STEAM Ahead’ in partnership with the UK Space Agency Aurora programme for the robotic exploration of Mars.

The European Space Agency and UK Space Agency plan on developing...

All SySTEMs Go - LEGO Space project

Join the Space Sector

The project created all kinds of content for use in inspiring people about the Space sector and highlighting all the transferable skills that can be used.

About the All SySTEMs Go Project

The ...

My website set up for teachers of Computer Science. Essentially to aid teaching at top primary through to final year secondary. Lessons, worksheets and open source software free to download from the repositories. Includes a Course for CAS Master Teachers delivered at UCL in 2016. A substantial amount of unplugged...

Ryde Academy STEM Blog

For some inspiration and to see how we have trialled and refined embedding STEM into the curriculum, please feel free to visit the blog I have created.


Protecting the Da Vinci code

This article from the CS4FN Magazine, looks into the ideas surrounding Intellectual Property, copyright, copyleft and patents and how these all apply (or don't) in the realm of computer programming and software. These ideas can be used as...

Python Programming Challenges

This booklet consists of 16 introductory programming challenges, some of the challenges also provide further extension challenges, for every challenge there is a "Self Review" section which asks students to comment on whether they managed to complete the task successfully, whether they had any errors initially and...

Python Beginners Challenges

This resource consists of a 50 page workbook with 39 different programming challenges listed, along with hints and suggestions for how to proceed with solving them along with explanations of various programming ideas. The workbook as a whole could be used as a detailed introduction to programming in Python, with...

70 Programming Challenges

This resource contains a large number of activities which were originally aimed at students using Visual Basic, other than a few mentions of pressing a button to make something happen, they should all be readily implementable in plain python. The booklet has 7 or 8 missing challenges on Sorting and Searching, but...


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