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Python Pit

A series of practical programming resources that quickly extend Python programming skills. Most of the exercises are designed to run on the Raspberry Pi computer.

The magic of...

The magic of…is a collection of four resources, produced by Queen Mary College at the University of London, designed for teachers to use in the classroom with the intention of making learning engaging and entertaining. The four resources are all linked to the relevant curricula and provide inspiration when teaching...

Scratch Patch

The Scratch Patch collection is a series of articles from the MagPi Raspberry Pi magazine. The practical activities contained can be used, generally, with any version of Scratch – on a Raspberry Pi or any other computer. The activities are very directed, in support of students in the early stages of learning...

Bash Gaffer Tape

A short series of guides for using the versatile BASH shell on Raspberry Pi and other Linux computers.

A set of six resources aimed at secondary school students. The resources were developed by Nichola Wilkin and cover the following topics:
• History of computing
• Understanding bitmap images
• Networks
• Using Python
• Using Scratch

Beginning RM LOGO

This archive document guides teachers introducing Logo to the computing classroom. While some sections may refer to outdated technologies, many of the techniques and learning outcomes remain relevant to users of any Logo platform. The activities begin with simple drawing using the turtle and pen, and progress...

Presenting Data Graphically

This resource contains four instant maths ideas exploring how to represent data graphically. In the first task students record how long they watch TV, group the results and draw two separate graphs to compare boys and girls. The second task requires students to consider what type of diagram is suitable to represent...

Spreadsheet Tasks

This resource contains ten instant maths ideas using spreadsheets to solve mathematical problems. Mathematical topics explored include: * solving equations to complete a think of a number puzzle * completion of magic squares * exploring different sequences * the ‘Rich Aunt’ problem * an exploration of cubic graphs...

2D and 3D Shapes

This resource contains a series of interactive spreadsheets designed to demonstrate various teaching points and to provide practice in 2D and 3D shapes and their properties at primary level. They are:



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