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Python 3: Selection and Conditionals

This intermediate-level resource for those learning to program with Python 3.x looks at conditional statements including ELSE and ELIF. The use of arithmetic and logical operators is covered, along with tricks and tips for more efficient and fault-free code.

An explanation of how different data values and...

Python 3 Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet provides guidance to inexperienced Python programmers. It covers several of the most-used functions, operations and data types including:

• User interaction
• Boolean logic
• String handling and manipulation
• Assigning and using variables
• Loops
• Using simple...

Creative Computing with Scratch

This resource from the MIT team where Scratch originated consists of a teacher guide and student workbook.

The teacher guide begins with the very basics, for those who have never used the programming environment. Using videos and...

An Introduction to Python (v2.7 and v3)

This learning resource is an introduction to programming with Python. Versions are included for Python 2.7 and Python 3.

The fundamentals of programming are covered:
• Arithmetic operations
• Data types
• Control flow

As well as some more advanced techniciques including the use of:...

Introduction to Computing

This textbook is written to explain computing from first principles, and appeals to a broad audience beyond many computing texts. With clear and concise explanation, useful diagrams and a structure that builds on previous understanding, it is aimed at post-16 students but sections would be equally useful at all...

The Lady or The Tiger

The story, lesson plan, content guide and other "The Lady or the Tiger?" printable PDFs listed at the right compose the climactic learning experience in an early module of three lessons which introduce the concept of binary.

In the first lesson, the class shares a community reading of an adaptation of Frank...

Classroom Activities for the Busy Teacher: NXT

This sample of a teacher guide introduces basic robotics using Lego NXT hardware and software

The general nature as well as the origins of robotics are covered. NXT robots are then introduced, as well as some basic mathematical and other considerations for using robots in the classroom. The importance and...

Primary Computing Scheme of Work Sample

This introductory ‘unplugged’ activity looks at algorithms, and the need for clarity and precision. Children work in pairs, with one wearing a robot mask while the other provides instructions to move around a maze which has been laid out in a large space, such as the school hall.
Learners have their thinking...

Coding and Science: Animal Habitat Scenes

This lesson plan brings together science and computing. Using Scratch, children create a habitat scene for a particular animal. They then begin to program movements and other sequences of instructions.

Assessment guidance is included as well as ideas for differentiating the lesson.

Assignment Dry Run

This activity, available in three different programming languages, requires students to ‘dry run’ written code and work out what it does. This is a useful skill for programming, which tests their understanding of assignment and subsequent changes to variables within programs. They step through code and analyse the...


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