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A collection of resources produced by the Royal Society of Edinburgh to support the deeper understanding of programming concepts in seconday computing

The iCould careers collection provides invaluable insight into what is possible in work...

Start your professional development here. If you are teaching in a primary school, discover how the National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) can support you to develop your practice in computing. These tasters provide activities you can...

The European Space Agency have provided a range of purposeful and engaging activities to support learners across the Primary stage. These activities cover the Science, Maths, Design Technology, Computing and Topic curriculums through activities linked to life on Earth, our atmosphere and solar system and some even...

ExoMars collection

This collection of resources support learning about STEM subjects using the context of exploring Mars. Using the context of the ExoMars mission, activities link to areas of the curriculum including: science, D&T and computing. There are activities focused...

In these activities, learners will work in groups to share their knowledge of the use of technology in sport and to test a beep tester.


In these activities, learners will create and develop a programmable pedestrian crossing using the micro:bit.


In these activities, learners will create a prototype score counter and integrate the micro:bit programmable system.


In these resources, learners will create a prototype food temperature probe using the micro:bit. The product must be able to provide a warning when the food is too cold to eat.

What is a program

These resources introduce what is meant by a program and programming commands. Activities include asking learners to create a set of instructions that will solve a problem, as well as building on understanding of programming commands and what they are used to do in a program. 



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