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Bones of the Body Bingo Cards

This activity is a bingo game designed to help children learn about the human skeleton. It contains two sets of cards one showing bones of the body and the other the names of the bones corresponding to the pictures.

Provided by Early Years Learning HQ, the cards may be printed out and laminated for use in...

British Wildlife Bingo

Aimed at early years and lower primary this resource supports the learning about the identification of animals. It contains a set of bingo sheets on the theme of British wildlife and the accompanying words. Children are asked to match the words to the pictures so reinforce learning in a fun and interactive way....

Card Games

This resource contains three ideas for card games involving Planets of the Solar System. It includes instructions for playing the games and the cards of the Planets with key facts about them. The games are Trump Card, Snap and Families.

This activity has been provided by European Universe Awareness (EU-UNAWE...


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