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Where Does Food Come From?

In this activity, aimed at Early Years children find out if a food comes from a plant or an animal. Using a selection of foods and food packaging they name each food and say where it originates from. Children are then asked to sort cards into food from plants or animals then match the food cards to their sources....

What Foods Are in Season?

In this activity, aimed at Early Years Foundation Stage children learn about the seasons and the different fruit and vegetables which are ready to eat at different times of the year.

Children discuss the seasons thinking about: the things that may be observed in each, the clothes worn and activities that...

Mince Flies

This resource looks at the environmental impact of our food choices in terms of water usage, world food supply and greenhouse gas production. The activities aim to challenge students' fears and prejudices about the foods common to other cultures and to consider the importance of eating insects as a source of...


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